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    01Why is it a Subscription?

    Uniq is not an ‘all-fits-one’ solution, it’s about discovering and revealing what your individual interaction is with the world around you. A Uniq subscription means you control all your personal tests results and health data, and once you begin your optimising health journey, you will have proof of improvement and resources to progress and improve when and how you want.

    02How do I do the Home Test?

    Our Uniq Test kit, is neat and clean.  Easy to use, even though it’s a stool test and blood, we know you want to have your privacy. So simple instruction and video will prepare you to do this quick and easy comprehensive test.  And the results are all yours.

    03How private is my result?

    You need to give us permission to do your analysis, because at Uniq we know you don’t want to have someone else in charge of your body.  Our Uniq encryption model means we will not send your data to anyone without your permission, and your dear ails will be anonymous at all times, so no leaks!

    04 How will Lifestyle Advice help?

    It’s become evident that pollution in all forms has led to many ills, and the innovations in science and healthcare recognize that much of that has been through medication too.  At Uniq, we are going to the root-cause of the instabilities, to empower you with the self-knowledge and skills to be in control of your health, with actionable recommendations.